The modern-day dealership is in a constant state of evolution—adapting and shifting to satisfy the demands of new, more technologically advanced consumers. But with the proper strategies in place, car dealers can attract more customers than ever before.

Google regularly releases automotive industry insights and data to help car dealers make more informed business decisions. Since 95 percent of vehicle buyers use digital channels as a source of information, being savvy in this space is a must.

To help keep your dealership successful, we reviewed and condensed Google’s data to present these five must-have digital marketing tactics.

Digital Advertising Budget

Every great dealership marketing strategy starts with its budget. According to Google, your digital marketing budget should fall somewhere between 45 percent and 75 percent of your overall marketing, due to the sheer number of potential leads using the web in their purchasing journey.

Digital marketing avenues include:

  • Email
  • Search
  • Display
  • Social Media

Do some research to see where your customers are spending the most time, in order to better influence where you’re allocating your dollars.

Mobile-Optimized Customer Experience

With more than 60 percent of automotive searches coming from a mobile device, it’s important to invest in a website that’s properly optimized to meet this demand. Here are a few tips to help make your website more mobile-friendly:

  • Make it easy to contact you. Make sure your dealership’s contact information is super-easy to find on your website and ensure that contact forms are easy to fill out on mobile devices.
  • Improve your site design. Nobody wants to zoom in on their phone to read the information on your website. The design and navigation of your site must be accommodating to small screens.
  • Improve site load time. If your website takes longer than three seconds to load on a mobile device, more than half of consumers will simply abandon the page and move on to a dealership that loads faster. Test your website speed and work with your web provider to implement the necessary recommendations.

Quality Video Content

More than 40 percent of consumers who watched a video about vehicles visited a dealership as a result. This provides a great opportunity to create original video to bolster your business. Ideas for creating quality video content include:

  • Fix an action camera (like a GoPro) onto a new vehicle and take it for a test drive
  • Record a personable sales rep as they walk through the interior and exterior of a vehicle
  • Have a mechanic detail easy fixes for common vehicle problems

After your videos are created and uploaded, you can spend dollars to create video ads geared toward your target audiences.

Analytics Analysis

As you invest more heavily in digital marketing strategies, it’s critical that you tweak and refine specifics like designed materials, the amount you spend and your target audience. Building a solid foundation of measurement will help you fully understand why and how your customers choose to buy.

You can do this by digging into the analytics of your campaigns and measuring previously defined goals. The most commonly tracked metric should be conversions that lead potential buyers to designated pages of your dealership’s website.

Implementing these five marketing tactics will make a big difference in the success of your digital channels—and, ultimately, of your dealership.