Tim Adrian may not have been with ADESA long, but he’s made a major impact during his first year with the company. As VP of Product Development, he leads a team of creative and innovative problem solvers who design solutions that support our customers’ needs—and strive to transform our industry.

We know he’s great. And now the industry does too, thanks to Auto Remarketing recognizing him with their 40 Under 40 honor.

We recently sat down with Tim to learn more about his role and what drives him.

What does a typical day at ADESA look like for you?

My typical day is spent focusing on three types of work: strategic planning and execution, reviewing tactical details and plans, and administrative work like budgets and people leadership. My overarching goal is to ensure our Product Development Plan aligns with the overall KAR and ADESA business strategy and that we are delivering on our commitments toward that strategy.

What role does technology play in the auction experience, and how do you see it expanding in the coming years?

Internally, we always describe ourselves as a technology company that services the automobile industry. Without the technology that my teams manage, we cannot sell cars. We take that very seriously and want to ensure that our customers have the best buying and selling experience possible when they do business with us.

As we continue to see a shift to online sales, the technology we develop will play a critical role in ensuring our customers have a seamless buying and selling experience. Our customers expect to be able to transact business on one single platform that integrates with all of the company’s product lines. We want to give them that ability!

How do you take feedback from customers and integrate it into ADESA marketplace technology?

In an Agile software development environment like we’re in, our customers are a key part of our process. We have Product Owners and Product Managers who report through the business and who work with our customers to understand their needs and define the “what” in each of their requests.

Our teams work with the POs and PMs to define the “how” in solving that business problem and create solutions that are demonstrated to the customer as working software throughout the development process.

In addition, we have the capability to deploy the software solution to a specific set of customers, who partner with us through User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure it meets their needs before we deploy it to all ADESA customers.

ADESA is one of the largest employers of IT personnel in the Indianapolis area. What do you look for in the talent you hire?

Over the last 24 months, the ADESA Product Development teams have gone through a large-scale digital transformation that focuses on our people, process and technology. We are building a world-class product development organization and are looking for the best and brightest IT talent in Indianapolis who work to achieve autonomy, mastery and purpose!

Last but not least, are you a car guy?

I’d like to think I am a car guy. I love cars that balance performance and luxury—one example of this is the BMW 750Li.

Really, I am an “anything with a motor” guy. I like to go fast! Before moving to Indiana, I lived in California, where I had a 28-ft. speed boat with a Viper V10 motor pushing out 600HP.

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Tim Adrian, VP of Product Development at ADESA and recent Auto Remarketing 40 Under 40 honoree.