Over the years, I’ve been extremely fortunate to attend several Barrett-Jackson events across the United States. As a classic car lover, it’s truly like being a kid in a candy store–if your preferred “candy” comes in the form of gears, engines, wheels and muscle cars.

This week, Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale kicks off their 2014 series. If it’s your first time attending Barrett-Jackson this year, I wanted to share some tips and tricks with you that I’ve learned over the years about this and all their auctions.

  • Walk the car tents – When you arrive, block out time to check out all the car tents. These prestigious collections are a car enthusiast’s paradise. All the displays are meticulously assembled, and the detail to presentation does the cars the highest justice they deserve.
  • Charge your batteries – Make sure your phone and camera batteries are fully charged before you head out to the auction festivities for the day, and bring a back up. You will need it as you find yourself taking photos of all your favorites.
  • Be autograph ready – Have a Sharpie or permanent marker handy in your back pocket. Celebrities and athletes are known to flock to Barrett-Jackson events like the rest of us. You never know whom you’ll be standing next to.
  • Pass the bathroom line – If you’re lucky enough to have scored a bidder, bidder guest or all-access stage pass, you’re also lucky enough to find to the “special” bathroom. There are two trailer bathrooms out front toting long times, but venture back behind the stage, and you’ll find a clean, no-line restroom.
  • Scottsdale specialties – The best aspect of Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, the first auction of the year, is witnessing the rarest, most expensive cars of all cross the stage. The Salon Collection is also a captivating assortment; you won’t find it anywhere else. Check out the full Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2014 docket here.

One of my favorite aspects about all Barrett-Jackson events is seeing all the big-ticket charity cars that benefit a variety of amazing causes. It’s humbling to see celebrities like Jeff Gordon donating their iconic cars to raise money for causes close to their hearts, and I always love to see the support for veterans with special auctions.

What am I especially looking forward to? I’m a huge fan of seeing any Plymouth Cudas, vintage Dodge Chargers and the rare Dodge Super Bee cross the block. See you there!

Do you have any tips to for Barrett-Jackson first-time attendees?