Welcome to Overdrive.

I know how important personal relationships are—with your colleagues, your customers, your employees and your friends. So we wanted to create a place where you can communicate 24/7.

I understand that there are four different generations employed in today’s workforce. Baby Boomers definitely communicate differently than Gen X or Gen Y, and Millennials certainly have their own style when it comes to connecting.

So, we wanted to take advantage of technology and use the web effectively to fill that gap. We wanted to create a place where everyone can connect. Where everyone has a voice. It’s not just about our company or our industry. It’s about who we are, what we do and how we do it.

We may all be a little different, but we have a common thread: a shared love for all things with engines. And a shared passion—we go full speed ahead during the week and keep going well into the weekend.

I hope that Overdrive helps make your day a little better. Whether you want to find some advice or share good times with friends—now there’s a place.


Stéphane St-Hilaire