At a recent company-wide Town Hall meeting, KAR CEO Jim Hallett unveiled an idea to celebrate fun in the workplace. Every other Friday, each of the five floors at the corporate headquarters would plan a fun activity for the entire building.

It has been a busy time for ADESA and the entire KAR group of companies. The past several months have been exciting, fast-paced and filled with great opportunities. So, “Fun Fridays” is intended for everyone to stop, take a break and enjoy a fun moment with their coworkers.

Our very first Fun Friday event was hosted by the 5th floor on August 1. To kick things off, employees were treated to delicious donuts from Jack’s Donuts. After gathering outside, Jim then welcomed everyone with a few brief announcements.

What followed was a wildly entertaining “Splash Mob” dance featuring the classic “Car Wash.” The routine was organized and choreographed by 5th floor team members. Jim then shared the news that team members from the 5th floor would be providing all employees with free “KAR washes” for the remainder of the day.

In true ADESA fashion, safety came first. Employees who washed cars were required to wear safety gear while in designated washing lanes. There were even “lane captains” to ensure employee safety and that vehicles entered and exited the lanes appropriately. Even our safety mascot, Safe T. Sam, made an appearance thanks to David Vignes, KAR executive vice president of enterprise optimization.

For lunch, local food trucks Gypsy Café, Neighborhood Pizza, Soul Sista and The Flying Cupcake parked outside of our employee entrance and offered a variety of amazing food options.

I have to give credit to the entire 5th floor for organizing such a fun event. You could hear the positive chatter and laughter from employees throughout the day. Congratulations on a job well done.

We were lucky to capture many of the fun moments on camera. You can see photos from our first Fun Friday below.

KAR employees stop by the Jack’s Donuts station.

Employees gather outside for morning announcements.

The KAR Wash in full effect.

KAR CEO Jim Hallett doing his part to wash employee vehicles.

Safe T. Sam (KAR Executive Vice President of Enterprise Optimization David Vignes) made appearances all over the KAR building. In this photo, he visits the IT conference room.

Jim Hallett and Safe T. Sam.

KAR CEO Jim Hallett addresses employees at the start of Fun Friday.

Safe T. Sam visits the PAR team.

Safe T. Sam with our amazing reception team.