As you know, we recently acquired OPENLANE. Now, we are busy building one auction marketplace to serve the industry. I wanted to share with you where we are with the ADESA and OPENLANE integration and what you can expect in the coming weeks.

First, ADESA and will become the place for customers to do business. OPENLANE will continue to be a leading provider of technology for our industry, but ADESA will be the source of vehicles, products and services, both at auction and online.

We also believe a simple customer experience is best, and we’ve already combined several of our teams. We built a single dealer services network. We formed one commercial sales team, and we’ve combined our marketing efforts. We are now able to provide a single point of contact for our customers.

We’re really in synch with OPENLANE and working together under one leadership. We’re also moving forward with integrating our products and services.

  • We already have single sign-on for both websites.
  • Very soon, ADESA DealerBlock will become ADESA OpenLane. To be clear, ADESA OpenLane will be the online auction platform. OPENLANE will continue to be the technology and service provider.
  • Next, we will integrate ADESA LiveBlock and ADESA Runlists.
  • Finally, will move all functionality to OPENLANE’s best-in-class technology.

We’ll fully transfer before to minimize disruption to our business and our customers. We expect the migration to be complete in 10-12 months, and will follow. The rollout will begin with ADESA Birmingham, and then ADESA Houston and ADESA Golden Gate will follow. All other U.S. auctions will launch in a single release.

This project is a major undertaking, and there are sure to be a few bumps along the road. That is why we are doing a phased rollout, and focusing on one customer experience at a time. This will allow us to provide the best access to inventory and the best customer service possible during this transition.

I’m excited by what this integration means for our employees, our customers and our industry. Stay tuned for additional updates…


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