Car dealers—have you ever underestimated recon costs after buying a car at auction? Or had a customer change their mind on buying a car? Maybe you’ve gotten stuck with those vehicles or even taken a significant loss to sell them.

Take the worry—and the risk—out of buying cars, and never get stuck with unwanted vehicles again.

ADESA Assurance offers a 21-day return guarantee on eligible vehicles purchased in-lane at all U.S. ADESA auctions and online on LiveBlock and DealerBlock. And if you buy vehicles at our UVA or mobile auction sales, those are covered too.

You can return any eligible vehicle—for any reason. And get back the purchase price and buy fee, within the program’s terms and conditions.

Learn more about how ADESA Assurance works at

It’s important to have a backup plan when buying vehicles at auction. ADESA Assurance gives car dealers more confidence in the cars they buy both in-lane and online.

We’re excited to offer our customers this valuable new product and hope they take full advantage of all the ways ADESA Assurance can benefit their business.