This is a guest post by Hank Daunhauer, director of product management at ADESA. 

Whether you buy cars online or at auction, you need a safe and reliable solution to transport vehicles from the lanes to your dealership lot.

Transporting vehicles yourself isn’t always possible for several reasons, including cost and time. Fortunately, auctions have solutions for transportation needs.

Most ADESA auctions, for example, offer a driver pool, where auction employees transport vehicles to your dealership lot—the best option when your dealership is located nearby. ADESA has the capabilities to transport any type of vehicle.

ADESA can also connect you with CarsArrive Network, which introduces dealers with a network of carriers from across the country. The company’s online platform allows car dealers to access price quotes, schedule delivery times, scan available loads and review available transport listings in a trusted and secure environment.

CarsArrive serves thousands of subscribing shippers—such as dealers, wholesalers and fleet managers—and transports more than 2 million vehicles annually. CarsArrive offers comprehensive load optimization, tracking and notification tools, and an extensive independent carrier network of more than 30,000 trucks.

Because of its vast network, CarsArrive is a good option if you’re buying cars online or need vehicles shipped anywhere in the country.

If you need assistance, speak to your local auction’s transportation representative about options that work for your specific needs.