This summer, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenged swept the Internet and social media by storm. One of the most successful non-profit fundraising campaigns in history, the challenge raised more than $100 million on behalf of the ALS Association (ALSA).

With celebrities, politicians, CEOs and individuals of all ages taking part in this global fundraising event, ADESA Boston General Manager Jack Neshe recently found himself among those being challenged thanks to Chad Bailey, president of Akron Auto Auction.

Not one to back down from a challenge, Jack wanted to raise big bucks to help support ALSA. At a recent auction event, Jack and the team at ADESA Boston raffled off one ice bucket and auctioned off another with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting Thanks to the generosity of those who participated, Jack and ADESA Boston raised more than $4,400.

We’re very proud of Jack and the entire ADESA Boston team for raising an impressive amount of money to support such a worthy cause.

You can watch Jack take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the video below.