The recent shortages in wholesale inventory are starting to ease. But even with access to more available units, finding quality vehicles can be challenging. Moreover, keeping a steady stream of this type of inventory can be equally difficult.

The good news for dealers is that a strong certification program can add value to wholesale vehicles. That’s why we launched the ADESA Certified program, giving dealers access to inventory that’s retail ready. ADESA Certified vehicles are currently available at 10 auctions across the U.S. and will soon be available at additional locations by the end of the year. Because we want you to buy in-lane and online with confidence, both sellers and buyers have the opportunity to benefit from buying ADESA Certified vehicles.


Seller benefits:

  • Increased sale prices in-lane and online; customers are likely to pay more for certified vehicle because of its guaranteed quality
  • Increased bidding and retention
  • Reduced risk of arbitration; there is less chance that a customer will return a certified vehicle.
  • Improved inventory turn certified vehicles tend to sell faster than other units

Buyer benefits:

  • Increased reliability; vehicles must meet a specific set of criteria
  • Backed by guarantee period with up to 14 days to return a vehicle
  • Effective vehicle comparison; know vehicle quality prior to purchase
  • Lowered risk of buy backs

Tried and true standards

One highly recognized program is the National Auto Auction Association’s certification program, a checklist of 48 basic criteria defining areas such as inspection, reconditioning and marketing. The ADESA Certified program was designed to meet the rigorous standards of the NAAA’s program while fitting the needs of the auto industry’s wide range of vehicles and consignors. As a result, the ADESA Certified program offers three distinct levels: gold, silver and platinum.  Vehicles online and at physical auctions that meet a specific level of certification are designated with respective ADESA Certified decals. Here are examples of the requirements and incentives associated with an ADESA Certified vehicle:


  • 14-Day Certification guarantee period
  • 50,000 miles maximum
  • Exceptional overall cosmetic and mechanical condition; the highest-quality vehicles


  • 7-Day Certification guarantee period
  • 80,000 miles maximum
  • Cosmetically and mechanically sound overall condition; representing vehicles reconditioned to be in very good condition for their model year and mileage


  • 7-Day Certification guarantee period
  • 125,000 miles maximum
  • Primarily a mechanical guarantee, with some minimal cosmetic standards; representing vehicles that are in average condition for their model year and mileage

When dealer customers buy vehicles that meet a clearly established industry standard, it is a win-win for everyone. Dealers can be assured that the units they purchase are up to a standard with an interest in these vehicles at the retail level.

As the wholesale market gradually shifts from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, dealers will need to offer more desirable vehicles to entice buyers. As the popularity of certified vehicles continues to grow, dealers who carry these cars on their lots may benefit from a greater buyer base, quicker turns and greater profits overall.

For more information about ADESA Certified, visit or contact Customer Connection at 888-526-7326 or