Our employees had a good time celebrating the launch of our new “cool injected” ADESA website and making the experience memorable for our customers. We’ve been pleased by the feedback from both our employees and our customers on the new features on ADESA.com. Here are some creative ways of how employees are celebrating and what they have to say about the new look.

“The dealers I spoke to showed a lot of interest. A lot of them mentioned how they really liked the run lists. Several of them couldn’t believe all the features and how easy it really is to use.” Kim Smith, online sales and service manager, ADESA Cincinnati

ADESA Syracuse









“The power of ADESA.com has brought a new level of service to ADESA Syracuse.” Dave Taylor, general manager, ADESA Syracuse
















The OPENLANE technology team celebrates from India.


"Dr. Cool" at ADESA Austin

















“ADESA.com has the cure for the bad search engine blues. I don’t always buy cars online, but when I do I prefer ADESA.com.” “Dr. Cool” aka Steven Hughes, online sales and service manager, ADESA Austin


ADESA Washington, D.C.














The team at ADESA Washington, D.C. ready to show off their new Cool Injected look at sale day.


ADESA Phoenix













ADESA Phoenix having fun with their signage for the new ADESA.com.

ADESA headquarters employee gifts.














ADESA employees at Carmel, IN, headquarters received Cool Injected gifts to celebrate their hard work and service.

For more information or to register for an account, call ADESA Customer Connection at 888-526-7326 or email customerconnection@adesa.com. Not a registered dealer but interested in learning more about ADESA.com? Visit adesa.com/whatsnext.