We recently had a food drive at the corporate office, and the outcome was tremendous. ADESA employees worked with other KAR business units and departments to help collect 11,265 food items for Gleaner’s Food Bank.

It wasn’t your typical food drive, though. We did a “Battle of the Floors” where each business unit competed by floor. The prize? The winning floor got to wear jeans to work for one week. It’s amazing what a little competition can do…

We’re a competitive bunch. But this industry—and our company—are filled with some of the nicest and most generous people I’ve ever met. While we didn’t win the “Battle of the Floors,” our sister company AFC shared their prize and let everyone wear jeans to work for a week.

I want to thank everyone for rallying together to make this food drive such a success.

Gathering all of the donations on AFC's floor.

Stacks and stacks of food items that went to families in need.

Click for a full panoramic shot of the 11,265 food items donated to Gleaner's.

A few of our amazing employees (L-R): Scott Schultz, Chad Gilezan, Shawn Heeke and Jennifer Heller