The results are in! After collecting more than 6,100 votes during the past month, we have a “Fan Favorite Auction” contest winner in each of our three regions.

Please join me in congratulating:

Eastern Region – ADESA Boston (1,104 votes)
Central Region – ADESA Dallas (501 votes)
Western Region – ADESA Golden Gate (253 votes)

We all had a lot of fun hearing about the auction’s different strategies for winning votes—from hosting voting drives and passing out “I Voted!” stickers to staging full-blown “voting booths” in the auction lobby. Only one auction per region could claim the final prize, but I’m impressed by how all of the auctions rallied their employees, customers, friends and family members to vote. In fact, I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the top ten auctions.

  1. ADESA Boston
  2. ADESA Charlotte
  3. ADESA Buffalo
  4. ADESA Dallas
  5. ADESA Syracuse
  6. ADESA New Jersey
  7. ADESA Washington, D.C.
  8. ADESA Golden Gate
  9. ADESA Los Angeles
  10. ADESA Atlanta

The regional winners now get to celebrate with a victory party, including a catered lunch and prize for each employee. But most importantly, they get bragging rights for their region…at least until the next contest.

I want to thank all everyone for putting so much energy and effort into this contest, and for taking the time to vote for their favorite ADESA location.

Image courtesy of adoseofshipboy on Flickr.