General Motors recently recognized ADESA Kansas City as the recipient of the 2011 GM Auction of the Year award. To have one of our long-standing partners recognize the hard work of our employees is truly a great honor.

Harold Chapman, general manager at ADESA Kansas City, and his staff have gone above and beyond by creating an amazing experience for our customers and delivering outstanding value each and every sale day. This dedication to service has helped ADESA Kansas City stand out among the 35 GM-sponsored auctions located throughout the United States.

It was an honor to share in the award presentation with Harold and his team. Dan Kennedy, manager of GM Remarketing, and a few other special guests also joined us. We had a festive Mardi-Gras themed luncheon with Jack Stack Barbeque and some incredible desserts. We also shared a few laughs. It was definitely a fun and rewarding experience.

Congratulations to Harold and the entire ADESA Kansas City team.

The ADESA Kansas City team enjoying lunch.

ADESA Kansas City employees being treated to delicious barbecue.

(L to R) Don Reed, General Motors; Rebecca Eilar, ADESA; Dan Kennedy, General Motors; David Diedrich, ADESA; Harold Chapman, ADESA Kansas City

(L to R) ADESA's Paul Lips, Tom Caruso and Harold Chapman chatting off to the side.

Tom Caruso gives his best "WOW!" face while holding the GM Auction of the Year award.