Congratulations to ADESA Montreal, winners of the national Grand Prize for Safety Innovation award from the Commission on Labor Health and Safety Standards. The award-winning invention is a wheel dolly that enables the safe towing of inoperable four-wheel drive vehicles. The team earned the chance to compete at the national level after winning at the regional level in 2016.

Winning the grand prize is a tremendous honor for the auction—and for the employees who designed and built the award-winning towing apparatus.

An inoperable four-wheel drive vehicle can’t be towed, because it can’t be put in neutral for all four wheels. As the number of four-wheel drive vehicles coming to auction has increased, safely moving these vehicles through the lanes and around the lot was becoming an ever-more-frequent challenge.

ADESA Montreal Work Safety Supervisor Bruno Felaco collaborated with Mechanical Technician Ghislain Neveu and Lot Assistant Benoit Castonguay to design and build a wheel dolly to move inoperable four-wheel drive vehicles safely through the lanes. The dolly uses the hydraulic functionality of the tow truck to secure the wheels quickly and automatically, allowing the tow truck to do all the work.

The innovative dolly is designed ergonomically, lifting and lowering so that the manual tasks can be done without bending down. The dolly enables auction employees to move inoperable vehicles in a way that’s safer for both workers and customers.

Felaco recognized the value of the inventive design and submitted the project in the competition.

This invention is an example of ADESA team members collaborating to create a quick and simple apparatus that delivers results. Employees saw a problem and found a way to solve it using their knowledge, skills and experience. Innovation means continuous improvement, and we’re proud to empower our employees so that they can make a difference.

Editor’s note: The following video is in French.

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L to R: Simon Robitaille, regional VP and GM of ADESA Montreal; Safe T. Sam; Maxime Chaumont, HR director; Bruno Felaco, health and safety manager.