One of our most exciting annual events is Legendary Sales Week, held at ADESA Phoenix for its fourth year running. Welcoming more than 1,200 dealers from across the country, charity auctions, honored special guests and unique sales filled the week with plenty of activity.

Supporting Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is a special aspect of this event, and one we’re passionate about year round. This year, the auctions of a 1974 Ford Ranchero Squire and a 1969 Chevy Camaro SS raised more than $60,000 for this amazing organization that touches the lives of so many impacted by diabetes.

Daniel Minor of Dans of Big Lake had the winning bid on the Ford Ranchero Squire. And George Lawrence with Consumer Auto Liquidators took home the classic Chevy Camaro SS.

The auction also featured a special guest—8-year-old juvenile diabetes advocate, Grace Gurley. Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 8-months-old, Grace now speaks publically about life with the disease in hopes of raising awareness. Gurley asked dealers to “bid high” and was excited to bang the gavel and yell, “Sold!” to the highest bidders. Grace’s sister, Annabelle, supported her on the block.

Mike Russo, general manager, and his ADESA Phoenix team rolled out the red carpet and had an outstanding event with special guests and a record number of dealers from across the country. Celebrity guests Perry Barndt, Brad Fanshaw and Aaron Hagar had a great time meeting event attendees.

It was a great time—and we can’t wait to see everyone again at next year’s event.

The 1974 Ford Ranchero Squire and 1969 Chevy Camaro SS benefitting JDRF.

Grace Gurley, JDRF ambassador bangs the gavel as the Chevy Camaro SS is sold to the highest bidder.

Grace Gurley, JDRF ambassador; Rawlin Mallet, GMAC; George Lawrence of Consumer Liquidators and Chevy Camaro SS winner; Dan Kennedy, GM Remarketing; co-worker of George Lawrence.

JDRF ambassador, Grace Gurley, and her sister, Annabelle, after a successful auction benefitting the organization.

Perry Barndt, Aaron Hagar and Brad Fanshaw in the midst of some car talk.

Aaron Hagar, Perry Barndt, Mike Russo, general manager, ADESA Phoenix, and Brad Fanshaw