I’m very excited to announce that the AuctionTrac Dealer app is now available for iPhone and iPad devices. The Android version of the app will be released in a few short weeks. After receiving plenty of great feedback and input from customers at conferences and live auctions, the AuctionTrac team has delivered a great product that will meet the needs of today’s “mobile dealer”.

At its heart, the new AuctionTrac app is designed to take advantage the latest mobile technology and help customers add more horsepower to their buying and selling experience. With AuctionTrac Dealer, you can:

  • Browse vehicle run lists
  • Receive market value info from top guides like Kelly Blue Book, Black Book, CARFAX, NADA Value Guides and more
  • Access detailed condition reports with photos
  • Create personalized vehicle lists
  • Pinpoint the location of specific cars on the lot
  • View up to 20 percent more cars on sale day
  • Review automatically refreshed inventory every three minutes

When armed with these features, we expect dealers to see their pre-sale prep time cut virtually in half.

To download the AuctionTrac app for iPhone of iPad, click here.