You’ve heard me warn customers against being penny wise but dollar foolish. This has become more and more common when it comes to reconditioning cars at auction. Recon spending on cars is down…which just doesn’t make sense. Reconditioning increases resale values, enhances brand following and improves conversion rates in the lanes.

Plus, when you recon your cars you can use OPM: other people’s money. Use your floorplan dollars to fund the recon investment instead of paying for it out of pocket. You can also use other people’s space! Don’t tie up your service bays and body shops, which should be generating retail revenue.

The auction’s high throughput, wholesale labor rates and in-house capabilities (yes, even PDR, key replacement and glass repair) save money over other recon service providers. Plus, you get a quicker turn since the auction can do it all onsite—usually within two to six hours.

Next time you’re looking through a run list, think past a basic wash and consider:

  • Detailing: car wash, vacuum or full detailing
  • Body and paint: complete body repair and paint refinishing, PDR, upholstery work, headlight restoration or bumper and wheel rim repair
  • Mechanical: diagnosis, tune-ups, tire replacements and major repair

For even more services, click here.

Or, here is a diagram of recon year-to-date spending by consignor based on past analysis, recon analysis from benchmarking studies and analysis.

Online buyers can take advantage of the same services as in-lane buyers. For example, buy a car on ADESA LiveBlock, and choose vehicle reconditioning prior to pick up. There’s even an option for a 7-day or 14-day warranty on your purchase.

Remember, if it looks good, it sells faster. So, recon = added value.

What recon service do you get most often at auction? Which have you wanted to try, but haven’t yet?