It’s been an exciting year for ADESA as multiple auction locations received honors from industry partners for outstanding performance. Capital One Auto Finance recently awarded five ADESA auction locations across the United States with the 2012 Capital One Auto Finance Auction of the Year awards in their respective regions:

  • ADESA Seattle, Northwest Region
  • ADESA Austin, Southwest Region
  • ADESA Buffalo, Northeast Region
  • ADESA Knoxville, Southeast Region
  • ADESA Los Angeles, West Region

Two more ADESA auctions received honors for a successful year in 2012: ADESA Dallas for the highest online sales volume and ADESA Washington, D.C. for the highest year-over-year increase of online sales volume.

The success of each auction location is attributed to a team effort that allows many of our employees to provide noteworthy service. Capital One Auto Finance also spotlighted the following employees with 2012 Coordinator Recognition Awards:

  • Lisa Weidinger, ADESA Northern Ohio
  • David Raper, ADESA Knoxville
  • Cathy Gossett, ADESA Birmingham
  • Christina Stetler, ADESA Seattle
  • Melissa Nugent, ADESA Dallas
  • Dolores Soliz, ADESA Los Angeles
  • Chad Wertz, ADESA Austin

It is an honor to be recognized by Capital One for our performance in 2012. Our hard-working employees take great pride in providing the best service possible—and that commitment to customers is one that each of our auctions make company-wide. Congratulations to all the award recipients, and we thank Capital One for being a valued partner.


ADESA Seattle (L to R): Chris Spath, sales manager, ADESA Seattle; Brad Myers, Capital One; Mark Dumler, general manager, ADESA Seattle.

ADESA Austin (L to R): Steve Swanson, general manager, ADESA Austin; Brad Myers, Capital One; Eric Jenkins, fleet lease manager, ADESA Austin.

ADESA Buffalo (L to R): Warren Clauss, general manager, ADESA Buffalo; Brad Myers, Capital One.

ADESA Knoxville (L to R): Greg Koepfer, general manager, ADESA Louisville; Brad Myers, Capital One; David Fish, transportation manager, ADESA Knoxville; David Raper, CR writer, ADESA Knoxville.

ADESA Los Angeles (L to R): Jeff Hyde, commercial accounts manager, ADESA Los Angeles; Brad Myers, Capital One; Ruby Compos, fleet lease manager, ADESA Los Angeles; Chad Ruffin, general manager, ADESA Los Angeles.

ADESA Dallas (L to R): Ken Osborn, general manager, ADESA Dallas; Brad Myers, Capital One; Mike Drzayich, fleet lease manger, ADESA Dallas.

ADESA Washington, D.C. (L to R): Jon Perhach, general manager, ADESA Washington, D.C.; Brad Myers, Capital One; Shannon Elasser, fleet lease manager, ADESA Washington, D.C.; Brandy Holtzclaw, fleet lease coordinator, ADESA Washington, D.C.













































































































Photo Credit: ollycoffey