CarsArrive Network kicked off 2018 with the celebration of a milestone: They have coordinated the shipment of 10 million loads of vehicles since the company began. That translates to approximately 18 million vehicles, and nearly a billion miles of transportation.

Some people may not know this, but Michael Briggs, CEO and president of CarsArrive, drove a 10-vehicle hauler for a decade before starting the company in 2001.

Michael lived on the East Coast and would often haul a load of cars as far as the West Coast. But on those trips, he would have to absorb the cost of driving his empty trailer back home. He didn’t know car dealers near his destination or have any way to arrange a vehicle load for his return trip.

He knew there had to be a better way to transport vehicles coast-to-coast. So, he launched CarsArrive Network, which uses a technology matrix to centralize freight and match dealers and vehicle haulers.

With CarsArrive, it’s easy for dealers to find haulers to move their cars, and for haulers to find cars to fill their trailers.

The technology maximizes every move by using grouping algorithms that consolidate consigner and dealer shipments. Through advanced data collection and analysis, the system becomes smarter and more efficient each time a new shipment is entered.

I had the good fortune of meeting Michael when he was trying to get CarsArrive off the ground and my colleagues and I were in the early stages of building OPENLANE. As he has done with many others, Michael made a strong first impression on me with his energy and enthusiasm for his business.

Once established, CarsArrive quickly became the transporter of choice for auctions, dealers and vehicle manufacturers. In 2007, OPENLANE acquired CarsArrive, and Michael and his team relocated to Mesa, Arizona. Then, in 2011, the company joined the KAR Auction Services group of companies—and in 2016, Michael expanded his role to also become CEO of Recovery Database Network.

CarsArrive continues to grow and look for new opportunities to serve customers. In 2017, CarsArrive acquired Dependable Auto Shippers. This addition extends CarsArrive into the consumer market segment.

Michael shared his story and a little bit of company history at a recent gathering with employees, who work hard every day to support more than 4,500 carriers representing over 30,000 trucks around North America.

Congratulations to Michael and his entire team on reaching this impressive milestone.