This week, The National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) and its members will be recognizing National Auto Auction Week. This special event is dedicated to celebrating the auto auction industry and the positive roles its members play in both the national economy and local community.

It’s hard to ignore the national impact of the NAAA and its members. According to the NAAA, the association’s “314 North American members sold 7.66 million vehicles worth $73 billion in 2011. In addition, the average auto auction now employs 141 people and operates a facility of about 79 acres.”

Like many of the senior leadership here at ADESA, I have a very personal connection to the NAAA. When my career first started, the organization helped me navigate through the inner workings of the auction industry. More importantly, it introduced me to hundreds of valuable business contacts, customers and partners, many of whom I’m proud to call friends. I know there are plenty of other professionals in the industry who could share a very similar story.

This year’s celebration is of particular importance for ADESA. In a few short months, our own Paul Lips, executive vice president of operations and finance, and Jack Neshe, general manager of ADESA Boston, will be taking on the roles of president and president-elect, respectively. Paul and Jack have served on a number of committees within NAAA and worked very closely with our peers to help move the organization forward. The entire ADESA team is very excited to see them take the helm and promote the interests of NAAA’s members.

We’re very proud to share in this week’s activities with our customers and employees. Throughout the week, our auction locations will be taking photos to help mark this special occasion. Look for them to be posted here on Overdrive and on our Facebook page.

ADESA corporate marketing kicking off NAAA's National Auto Auction Week 2012.