We recently shared some news about the innovative renovations of our IT department here at the ADESA and KAR Auction Services headquarters. Bringing a fresh and energizing look to our growing technology team’s environment has been an impressive effort for the last few months, and we’re proud of the final results.

No longer a “typical” cubicle area, here’s a complete list of the additions and updates made to the entire floor:

  • Tore down five walls and six offices, opening up space for collaboration and increased natural light access
  • Added 4 “war rooms”, including floor-to-ceiling white boards, new A/V equipment and configurable desks and workspaces
  • Added two conference rooms complete with large flat-screens
  • Added seven interactive areas encouraging communal work and meeting spaces
  • Privacy booths to counteract open space, giving employees spaces to have sensitive calls and meetings
  • Indirect lighting, helping to minimize monitor glare
  • Dual monitors and adjustable monitor arms
  • New carpet and paint
  • All new chairs
  • Added 50 additional seats to the floor, in addition to the added “war rooms”, conference rooms and interactive areas

We are excited by the energy and collaboration encouraged by the new workspace design as we continue to build our technology and service offerings in all areas of our business.

Take a look at some more photos of the completed renovations below.

Our new war rooms feature floor-to-ceiling whiteboards to help capture ideas.

Open meeting spaces are now available, creating a new atmosphere for discussions.

Natural, indirect lighting plays an important role with both meeting areas and workspaces.

Meetings spaces now offer different seating arrangements and unique furniture to help spark creativity.