Tom Kontos
Chief Economist at KAR Auction Services
Tom goes by many names: analyst, economist, road warrior. But if you ask him, he describes himself as, “Analytical Services.” Because to him, it all comes down to that single word: service. If that means jumping on a plane to consult with a customer, he’s there. Although he’s generally optimistic, he doesn’t sugarcoat what’s going on in the market. He tells it like it is, whether the news is good or bad. What’s in a name? Tom’s given name is Athanasios Kontorousis. This service extends to his heritage. He played drums at this year’s Indianapolis Greek Festival, and he’s also taught Greek history, music and dance throughout the years.
Paul Lips

Paul Lips
Chief Commercial Officer
Glue needs time to age before it really sticks. Paul has spent a third of his life at ADESA. During that time as the company glue, he’s held fast to a long-term view that connects customers and employees. That unites business units. And that joins industry associations. Like glue, he has the capacity to fix things immediately, but always with the purpose of lasting stability. Which is good, considering he’s the guy that decides where the money gets spent. But labels like accountant or bean counter don’t apply to Paul. He’s more fun-loving than fastidious and more practical joker than micromanager.




Bob Rauschenberg
Executive Vice President – Sales, Marketing and Special Services
If you haven’t met Bob Rauschenberg yet, you will. He’s a people person. And a person for the people. He gives compliments freely and handshakes with purpose. Each day, he chooses to be brand new, and hopes that he can share that feeling with everyone he meets. His work ethic doesn’t end at 5 p.m. And his word still means something. If he says he’ll do it, he will. Even if it takes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It takes an awful lot of birthday cake to fuel his pace. Good thing he burns it off riding his motorcycle, boating or hiking.



Carol Sewell
Vice President of Marketing
Small in size but big in creativity, Carol isn’t afraid to speak the truth. To be the voice of the customer. She understands it takes big risks to achieve big gains. So, first she listens. Observes. Absorbs. Then, she surrounds herself with very talented people with high standards. The result? She creates art through strategy, images and words. Carol also has the uncanny ability to always pick the perfect restaurant—even if she’s never been to that city. But fasten your seatbelt if you let her drive; she speeds up in turns and refuses to idle at the back of the pack.



Darci Valentine
Director of Communications
Darci Valentine. Yes, it’s her real name. No, she’s never been a comic book character or a super hero. But she does have to apply super-human strength to juggle all that she has going on. Being word girl and communications maven is a big job. And she doesn’t take it lightly. She always gets the story. By asking the right questions, and then really listening. By building trust with a mix of sincerity, comic relief and common sense. By knowing what to tell and what to keep to herself. She reads between, inside and outside the lines. Her passion for words is only surpassed by her love of dogs. In fact, she speaks canine fluently.





Lisa Scott
President, PAR North America
Lisa is an all-around “bidness” wiz. But her strong suit is customer relations. With more than 25 years in the industry, it’s no wonder. Lisa has the gift of gab. As an auctioneer, it’s a trait that serves her well. She makes connections. Whether it’s the maitre de at a restaurant, or a customer in the lanes, she just has a way with people—especially car people. Her versatility and service-focused approach give her a unique perspective. She’s a fixer. And she doesn’t mind taking the long road to make things right. Of course, if she had it her way, she’d probably just sail there instead.



Tom Caruso
Chief Client Officer, KAR Auction Services
Tom Caruso is the ultimate car guy. He has forgotten more about the auction business than most of us will ever know. He gets it from the ground up. He connects with employees, customers and the industry because he knows what makes them tick. He’s walked in their shoes. It was the support of his family that got him where he is today. And he gives back that same support to his industry. He exhibits a leadership role at all levels. But always remains humble. He’s serious about his craft, but never takes himself too seriously. Except maybe when he’s talking about his city. The proudest addition to his key ring: the Key to the City of Boston.



Peter Kelly
Chief Technology Officer, KAR Auction Services

Civil engineer by trade—artisan by nature. Building is in his blood. When it comes to the aesthetics of business, he also has a sixth sense. Creator of corporate strategy, he lends calm to chaos. Balance is key. He thinks fast on his feet. A native of the Emerald Isle, it’s no surprise he hangs his hat in the City by the Bay. Never one to let moss grow beneath his feet, a trek through the Sierras is a welcomed diversion for Peter. But a weekend at home with his family also suits this father of three just fine.




Trevor Henderson 2014-2



Trevor Henderson
Chief Operating Officer, ADESA Canada

Trevor Henderson is a technology guru with exceptional people skills. But there’s no pocket protectors here. Just an open mind, a willingness to collaborate and a drive to surpass all expectations. All while putting others at ease and gathering their input. His entrepreneurial spirit uncovers uncharted methods to deliver results. “That’s the way we’ve always done it” isn’t in his vocabulary. An unexpected outcome is simply a new opportunity to explore alternate solutions. His passion keeps him tied to the task at hand, whether it’s directing the next product strategy, chasing the elusive hole-in-one or mastering a six string.





Doug Hadden
Executive Director, Dealer Consulting Services
Doug isn’t just a car guy; he’s a car dealership guy. He started as a lot porter and has worked in every dealership department there is, from line mechanic to service writer, to new and used car sales, to finance manager and general manager. He knows how to make a dealership successful. After working with some of the most sought-after speakers and trainers in the automotive industry, Doug has devoted himself to training, coaching and growing others. Heading up the dealer consulting services team at ADESA isn’t just his job. It’s his calling.





Steve Dudash
Vice President, Dealer Services

Having a goal to work toward has always been the key for Steve. Setting a goal to run a half marathon changed him from someone who ran to stay in shape into a runner. When that race was run, he picked another to train for—again and again, until he moved on to marathons. It’s the same in his work life: He always has a goal in mind. Family time provides balance, whether it’s skateboarding with his daughter (with the board he bought for himself as a kid), beach vacations with the family, a trip for two with his wife, or just making dinner on Sunday night.