As part of our Cool Injected business series, we’re sharing a few of our favorite leadership, technology, marketing and customer service books that can help add horsepower to your business. This week’s book is “Executive Stamina.”

For my book selection, I chose Executive Stamina by Marty and Joshua Seldman.

From the book’s description:

“In today’s environment, it’s increasingly difficult to turn off the noise. Email, cell phones and other personal communication devices make it impossible to find a moment of peace. Being overworked, stressed and physically exhausted can increase your chances of making critical mistakes.

Executive Stamina teaches you a personal training system used by many top executives and athletes to help overcome these obstacles. You’ll learn the skills necessary to balance your extremely demanding career, family and your health by identifying how to properly manage your priorities.”

I’ve read numerous books on improving personal and business skills during the years. Executive Stamina book has become a staple—both personally and for my team. This book can be a game changer for executives.

Each chapter in the book is a gift to a better life. When we feel unbalanced in life, there are specific chapters for each chapter which remind ourselves of how to regain equilibrium. It starts with learning how to align career ambitions with core values, commitments, current priorities and long-term goals. The book also reminds us that we need to take care of ourselves first—otherwise we can’t be the best person or executive we’re capable of being.

Some concepts and resources Executive Stamina explains that can help dealership owners and operators stimulate stamina and optimize job performance include:

  • A personalized stress-management plan
  • Identifying high-payoff activities
  • Taking control of your calendar
  • Dealing with distracting people who waste your time
  • Progressive workout plans
  • Stamina-building nutrition programs
  • Recognizing change and understanding its implications

Whether you’re trying to get through a difficult project or setting long-term career goals, Executive Stamina is the key to developing and maintaining the physical, mental and emotional power needed to come out on top.

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