The year-end holiday season can be one of the busiest times of year for car dealerships. Balancing increased traffic and sales opportunities with focused customer service offers a challenge for every car dealership. Here are some tips for keeping customers delighted when their wait times may be longer, but when closing the sale and excellent customer service are just as important.

  • Provide warming wait time amenities. Strive to create an environment where your customers want to take off their coats and stay a while. Offer hot cocoa and warm cookies with easy WiFi access—make them feel welcomed. Out on the lot, propane heaters or complimentary hand warmers can invite your chilly customers to warm up yet stay engaged with the buying experience.
  • Designate a customer care advocate. Appoint customer-focused service eyes to ensure customers aren’t left in the dark during their wait time. Whether a potential customer just walked in the door or waits for inventory verification, all customers want to know what’s coming next—and when. Encourage your customer care advocate to communicate proper expectations throughout the buying process. This ensures a more enjoyable experience when your customers’ days are often as hectic as yours.
  • Keep the showroom shining. Looking to Disney theme parks’ customer service standards provides great guidance for any business, car dealerships included. Their visitors never see trash and debris littered anywhere in the theme park. Keeping the showroom free of snow, salt and other winter conditions lets your dealership shine. Provide shoe wipe mats at the entrance to encourage your guests and staff to leave the outdoor dirt at the door.
  • Celebrate holiday purchases with customers. If the car purchase is a gift, your team has a unique opportunity to reinforce the joy of such a large gift. Offer an extra-large bow or an oversized greeting card. Seize this opportunity to send a buyer away with more than a new car—but a memorable experience to share with family and friends.
  • Incorporate charitable giving opportunities. ’Tis the season for giving. You can advertise and execute a campaign where your dealership donates a certain dollar amount or percentage of the sales price to a local charity. You can also encourage employees and customers to donate to programs like toy or food drives. Not only is it wonderful thing to do, but your customers also win a feel-good moment when their purchase impacts the community.

Staying focused on customer service throughout the eventful holiday season is vital to a positive buying experience. Do you have any tips to share for top-notch customer service during busy periods?