Selling cars is not an easy job. Leading consumers to commit to a purchase that will take a sizeable chunk out of their bank account often requires early mornings, late nights and regular commitment on weekends.

That’s why it’s no surprise that the fast-paced industry of new car sales can sometimes be hampered by staff issues such as turnover and stressed-out salespeople.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. By slightly altering your dealership’s culture, you can energize your employees and give them the motivation and incentive to sell more cars.

Foster friendly competition                                 

While too much competition in the workplace can cause tension between colleagues, there are ways to take advantage of your employees’ competitive side without disrupting the harmony of your showroom.

Short, measurable sales contests centered around a specific goal can be a great way to perk up a staff that has hit a bit of a lull. Most salespeople are competitive enough to the point where the sheer thought of winning will provide enough motivation, and they’ll only become more interested when you sweeten the deal with a prize to the winners.

Offer the right incentives

Motivating your showroom employees with sales incentives is a great way to energize your team and encourage hard work. There are a wide variety of options for incentives, and picking the right one for your individual showroom staff can be integral to your success.

Some employers offer cash bonuses for employees that hit their sales goals, while others offer vacations, extra time off or gifts such as upscale watches or gift certificates. If you’re not sure which to provide, don’t be shy—ask your employees directly what they prefer.

While these incentives can be expensive, the motivation it provides to sell a few extra cars will more than make up for the added cost.

Be transparent

Providing a clear window for career advancement within your organization will help make employees commit to joining your team for the long haul. When your staff can visualize where they will be in the upcoming years, it gives them both job stability and motivation to work hard to get where they want to be.

Outlining a pay plan and rewarding employees with earned bonuses based upon reasonable goals provides employees a visible and structured path to improving their status within the organization, which will encourage them to put the extra effort in to achieve their goals.

Long-term employees can become the face of your dealership. To have the same individual greeting the same customers year-after-year gives your showroom a friendly feeling that people will be eager to return to. It’s up to you to make that possible.

Do you have any tips on motivating your dealerships’ employees? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.