To run a good business, you need good people. From the people who answer the phones to the ones who are on the front lines with customers, everyone is an important part of your team. But it’s not just about finding good people; it’s about keeping them.

After all, it’s your name, your brand and your livelihood at stake. Make sure you are doing your part to create a happy staff, happy customers and a happy work environment:

1)    Listen. Actually be in the moment and listen when you’re talking with someone, whether it’s performance feedback, employee complaints or just casual conversation. This is one way to build trust, which is one of the single most important aspects of running a successful business.

2)    Respect. There’s nothing worse than working for someone who feels entitled. Treat your staff as an asset, not just workers. You’ll see the ROI in their performance.

3)    Care. Have a genuine knowledge of your employees’ personal lives and be available to talk.

4)    Discipline. If someone breaks the rules, don’t let it go unnoticed. It’s not fair to other employees if someone else gets away with it. And when disciplining an employee, always do it in private. And always maintain your professional composure

5)    Reward. Don’t let good work fall through the cracks. If you saw a potentially dangerous situation, you’d point it out immediately. Do the same when you see an employee going above and beyond.

6)    Vary communication. Different people give and receive information in different ways. Be sure to vary how you communicate with your staff. Is it through email, one-on-one conversations, team happy hours? Find out what works best for your staff.

When you go into work tomorrow, try a few of these out. Then, let us know what works for your business and what doesn’t.