My husband Ed and I walked up to ride in the Ford Mustang drift car at Barrett-Jackson. A driver asked, “Which one of you is the scaredy cat?” We both replied, “Neither one of us.” The driver smirked, as if he was saying, “We’ll see.”

They strapped us in and took off, one after another, creating a mock car chase on a very short track. Our drivers, Vaughn Gittin Jr., and Justin Pawlak definitely have mad skills. They can turn on a dime and drive blindly through thick clouds of smoke.

All we could do was hold on and enjoy the ride. The hardest part? Wiping the smiles off our faces when we were done.

While this video is from 2010 and doesn’t feature Ed and I behind the wheel, it’s exactly how our ride started out. But our ride ended with a lot more smoke.

Mustang drifting at Barrett-Jackson.