Located in California’s central valley, ADESA Fresno was founded as Fresno Auto Dealers Exchange in 2012. It was purchased by the Brasher family in 2014, becoming their eighth location. The auction’s first sale as Brasher’s Fresno Auto Auction was in January 2015.

In 2016, KAR Auction Services, the parent company of ADESA, acquired the auction in Fresno from the Brasher family, along with seven others. ADESA Fresno completed its transition to ADESA systems in April 2017.

We recently caught up with General Manager Steve Burrows to find out more about ADESA Fresno.

You were named general manager of ADESA Fresno in 2017. How did you get your start in the industry and what path has your career taken?

I was hired by Larry Brasher and spent 17 years as the national accounts sales manager with Brasher’s Auto Auctions, before the KAR acquisition. Before my auction career, I had worked as the general manager of two automotive service stations and as the owner/operator of two Subway franchise stores.

What charities does ADESA Fresno support?

We have been proud to hold an annual charity sale, Cars for Food, that benefits a local food bank and provides for the hungry and homeless in the Central Valley. Dealers donate cars, we sell them, and the proceeds go to the food bank.

We also support cancer charities. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we have two cancer survivors on staff here at ADESA Fresno. We select a sale date and come up with unique ways to donate money to a local research center for every customer or employee wearing pink that day.

How is ADESA Fresno influenced by the competitive marketplace it operates in?

We base our efforts on a few core beliefs:

  • If we care about our customers’ success,
  • If we provide a friendly environment for them to do business,
  • And if we are consistent with the high level of services we provide,
  • Then we will grow in consignment and dealer attendance.

We also have an extremely experienced and knowledgeable staff with decades of relationships with the local dealer community.

What do you see as the most significant trend in the auto remarketing industry right now, and how has it impacted the way you do business at ADESA Fresno?

Technology is always changing in our industry, and I see the trends in technology as a positive for us. I am confident that as it changes, ADESA will keep me and my dealers on the forefront with all the tools and services we need to be a leader in the Central Valley of California.