This is a guest post from Doug Hadden, director of dealer training at ADESA.

I want to introduce you to Greg Noonan, the winner of the 2012 Harley-Davidson Heritage motorcycle ADESA auctioned off at the 2015 NADA convention. As you know, this amazing charity auction benefited the NADA Foundation and Canine Companions for Independence.

Greg and I have known each other for years, and our paths have crossed regularly during our time in the industry. In fact, Greg even worked for NADA’s Automotive Executive magazine for 13 years. I’ve always liked and respected Greg, and I was touched by how passionate he was in supporting our charity motorcycle auction.

So I wanted to know, what exactly motivated Greg to buy this Harley? Here’s what he told me:

It wasn’t just about the bike, although he is an avid rider. Since age 7, he’s been on a motorcycle, just like most of his siblings, and he says he’s owned every style of BMW bike made since the ’70s. But his first time on a Harley was after his brother Joe’s funeral last year. He took Joe’s Harley, with Joe’s ashes on the back, for a tour of what had been his favorite places around town.

Now Greg rides an EV 1200 Moto Guzzi, so, no, he didn’t really need another motorcycle. But he says it was “prewritten,” that “the whole thing lined up,” once he saw all the parties involved—ADESA, NADA, a long-admired Joe Verde (who won the last two motorcycle auctions) and Canine Companions for Independence.

You see, Greg’s a sentimental guy. He and his associates at INSIGHT15 saw an opportunity to support so many great causes and great people with one purchase; they knew they couldn’t leave without that motorcycle. INSIGHT15, a group that plans customer-loyalty conferences for the automotive industry, knew that NADA and ADESA were both organizations that are aligned with their mission and customer-focused culture.

And Greg knew that he was interested in supporting CCI, because he’s quite the dog lover. In fact, his Moto Guzzi came with a side car for his two dogs, Rufus and Amelia, who rode everywhere with their owner near their home in Cooperstown, New York. Dressed in scarves and aviator goggles, the dogs were a hit with the tourists. Greg also runs Tuscarora, a guest home where dogs are not only welcome, they are catered to. The property includes outdoor areas and a pond where dogs are invited to swim.

Greg and his associates at INSIGHT15 also have a calling to support veterans, and they feel veterans should be celebrated. So both aspects of CCI— working with both dogs and veterans—appealed to Greg and his team at INSIGHT15. But it wasn’t until they heard that Joe Verde would be supporting CCI with a donation, rather than bidding on the motorcycle, that Greg could picture himself on that Harley. Out of respect for Joe, Greg didn’t want to bid against him during the charity auction. It all worked out for everyone, with Greg and INSIGHT15’s winning bid and Joe’s matching bid resulting in a $40,000 donation for CCI.

Fundraising motorcycle ride

And that’s not the end of the support for CCI. Greg is planning to ride the 2012 Harley-Davidson Heritage bike he won at the NADA auction—now sporting the license plate LOYALT—on a fundraising trip. Greg will leave in mid-February, right after the current service-dogs-in-training graduate from CCI’s program. He’ll ride from San Francisco to Orlando, Florida, where his INSIGHT15 conference is held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in mid-March.

He’ll be taking donations for each mile ridden and also stopping at ADESA auctions along the route to collect donations too. You can support Greg and this great cause by visiting the NADA website.

Stay tuned to Overdrive for updates on Greg’s charity ride, including where he will be traveling and how you can see him.