We know car dealers are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and make the sales experience unique for their customers. With so many ways to communicate and reach shoppers, it’s important to take the time to connect with customers before and after the sale.

One of the top ways dealers can build and strengthen a relationship with customers is by sending a gift after they purchase a vehicle. While many dealers settle for branded materials like keychains and coffee mugs, there are great opportunities out there for dealers who want to get creative. We’re sharing a list of our favorite innovative gifts that will keep top-of-mind with your customers long after they drive off the lot.

  • Car care kits: Include a detail kit in the car so your customers can keep their vehicle looking polished.
  • Drive-in theater gift cards: Give your customers a gift card to the local drive-in movie theater so they can take their vehicle out for the night.
  • A handwritten note: Don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten note. Many customers will appreciate the time and energy you put into writing something and mailing it to their home, especially if it is to thank them for their business.
  • A personalized birthday message: Mail birthday cards to your customers to celebrate their special day, or send a small gift basket to mark the occasion. Especially if their birthday is quite a while after their purchase, this will remind them of your service excellence. A charitable donation in their name is also a nice gesture.
  • Tickets to an exclusive event in town: Consider purchasing tickets to a test track experience, a concert, special event or a museum exhibit, complete with parking vouchers. Your customers will think of you when they attend and appreciate the thoughtfulness.

What other unique gifts have you given customers? Share your thoughts in the comments.