Earlier this month, I was invited to attend a presentation at ADESA’s headquarters featuring Mark Hill, one of KAR Auction Services’ newest board members.

Mark has quite the impressive resume and is a well-known entrepreneur and investor in the Indianapolis area. He co-founded Baker Hill, a company that built software solutions for small business lending, which was later acquired by Experian. He currently serves on the board of Indianapolis-based IT company Interactive Intelligence and is active with TechPoint, which is focused on growing Indiana technology companies and strengthening the local tech community. Additionally, Mark has invested in more than 42 tech start-up businesses.

During his presentation, Mark shared several important takeaways related to business and IT. Here are a few sound bites:

  • A great business is one that people want to be a part of; want to be excited about; want to spend their days building something for that company
  • Employee engagement is crucial; IT is a competitive industry
  • Young people should be encouraged to consider the IT profession; also persuade recent college graduates to remain in the state and bring professionals back to Indiana
  • The IT community in Indianapolis is vibrant; find ways to mentor young companies and young entrepreneurs
  • Always look to the future; what we have today in technology is pretty incredible, but the even more exciting part is what’s next
  • If you don’t like change, you may want to get off the IT bus—more technology is moving to cloud-based programs and less servers
  • IT professionals should always be innovative and consider new ways they can serve the business and support users day-in and day-out
  • Biggest challenge in technology is the “consumerization” of IT inside the corporate world; people are used to applications that are simple to use on mobile devices
  • Consumerization causes IT professionals to up their game and consider what the next generation of systems will look like; can’t deliver outdated, clunky applications
  • Companies must keep tech employees engaged through training and new technology opportunities

On behalf of the KAR Shared Services team and ADESA, I want to thank Mark for visiting our office and sharing such valuable takeaways. He is a great resource for KAR and for the Indianapolis community. We are excited to have his entrepreneurial input and technological expertise as part of our board of directors.

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Jim Hallett, CEO of KAR, with Mark Hill, KAR board member, at the ADESA headquarters in Carmel, Indiana.