In the past year, we’ve focused on improving ADESA’s technology to create a better experience for our dealer customers. They asked for a faster and more efficient online bidding process, so we developed the new ADESA LiveBlock to fulfill this need, making bidding on wholesale vehicles online easier. LiveBlock simulcasts vehicles worldwide via real-time audio and visual feeds—allowing online users to bid alongside other dealers who are in the lanes at the company’s physical auction locations.

Dealers have large demands on their time. With improvements to LiveBlock, they can now bid on more vehicles from top sellers from the convenience of their home or office —up to 11 auctions simultaneously. In addition to the ability to participate in many more auctions at once, we’ve also introduced this host of expanded capabilities.

  • Bid on vehicles running in four auction lanes—all on a single computer screen—eliminating the need to toggle between multiple screens while bidding.
  • Bid from both the main video display, as well as four mini lanes. For more detail, the main video display can instantly be updated with one of the four mini lanes.
  • The main video display accommodates an unlimited number of detailed photos with zoom capability.
  • Information on upcoming vehicles, as well as current competition in the lanes, is readily available.
  • Use advanced search capabilities and add vehicles to a watch list without ever leaving the bidding screen.
  • A new color-coded system even tracks the status of each bid: teal for no activity, green for winning bids and gold if a buyer has been outbid on a vehicle and needs to take action.
  • Available on both PC and Mac-compatible and supports a range of different browsers, including: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. 












With all these changes, the new LiveBlock is available side-by-side with the previous LiveBlock, allowing customers the choice to “opt-in” to the new version through year’s end. We want to give our customers time to get up to speed on the new tool—this gives them options without disrupting their flow of business. We hope everyone gets a chance to try the new LiveBlock and experience its significant enhancements.

To see the new ADESA LiveBlock in action, watch this video to see the new capabilities.

For more information, or to download the new ADESA LiveBlock user guide, visit For more information or to register for an account, call ADESA Customer Connection at 888-526-7326 or email