If you’re a car dealer who enjoys the convenience of searching and buying cars online, you’ll love mobile apps.

Downloading them directly to your smartphone is quick and easy. Mobile apps allow dealers to search for cars from anywhere—their home, office, even the golf course—with just the tap of a button.

Using mobile apps is easier than you might imagine, saves you time and gives your dealership access to the widest selection of inventory.

With mobile apps, dealers can bid on and buy vehicles 24/7, check a VIN or view a condition report—without stepping foot inside an auction.

Many of the top auto auction companies offer mobile apps.

Dealers can use the ADESA Marketplace app before a sale to research vehicle condition reports, locate inventory and place vehicles in their Watch List. Buyers can also locate vehicles on the auction lot by using the Marketplace GPS vehicle finder within the app.

The ADESA LiveBlock app lets dealers participate in live auction events from a mobile device. Dealers can bid in up to four lanes at once and monitor up to 11 lanes. Use the LiveBlock app before a sale to set up auto bids—which can be invaluable in case you can’t make it to the auction.

ADESA sister companies, Autoniq and instaVIN, are good tools to use before or during a sale. Autoniq’s app provides a VIN scanner, vehicle history reports, price guide and wholesale inventory lists.

The instaVIN app, meanwhile, offers vehicle history and title reports. These reports include information about odometer records, DMV title information, salvage and whole car auction history and a VIN decode.

Many mobile apps also provide notifications. For example, Marketplace app notifications alert you if you’ve been outbid on a vehicle, when a purchase is confirmed and when a post-sale inspection is complete.

Customers who use apps frequently rave about how easy they are to navigate. Maybe it’s time you give them a try, too.

If you’d like to learn more about mobile apps, ask an auction representative to help get you started.