Time certainly does fly.

Twelve months ago, we took a hard look at how we were communicating with our customers, employees and peers. We realized that our message was now touching four different generations inside today’s workforce. As a result, we knew we needed to think differently about how we shared our stories.

The outcome: Overdrive was born.

Since launching Overdrive last October, we’ve shared more than 100 blog posts. They have covered a wide variety of topics, ranging from the sights at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale to what auto dealers need to know about land seizures. On Overdrive, we’ve been able to showcase the great things happening inside ADESA, share our passion for helping great causes around the country and provide our customers with valuable tips designed to help grow their business.

So, what have we seen during the past year? We’ve seen our visitors to the blog continue to grow, and they keep coming back for more. We’ve seen people comment on our fresh weekly content. We’ve seen trade media share our stories with the industry. And most importantly, we’ve received some incredible feedback from our customers and our employees.

What started with a single blog post has now become an integral part of how we communicate.

We thank you for joining us here on Overdrive. And we look forward to sharing more helpful dealer tips, industry commentary and great ADESA stories in the years to come.