I recently had the privilege of spending a week at ADESA Kansas City. It was great getting to know the team that recently helped the auction win Auction of the Year for General Motors. My last visit to the auction was in early 2007—what a change five years has made. Not only has ADESA Kansas City moved from their old location to a brand new, state-of-the-art facility in Belton, Missouri, but they’ve also gathered an amazing group of people to work there.

It was great getting to experience the different areas of the auction. Kim Cook, assistant general manager, planned a full week for me. Her schedule included stints checking in vehicles, inspecting vehicles, learning about structural damage in the tech center pits, queuing up inventory on the lot, and working in the administrative area of the Fleet/Lease department and the front office.

I want to thank both Harold Chapman, general manager, and Kim for their hospitality. And, a special thanks to everyone who let me job shadow them and even get a hands-on experience of their daily auction routine. Special thanks to:

  • Stacey Kerns, check-in: (We survived some of Mother Nature’s fury in the cold windy rain.)
  • Gary Gottesburen, outside coordinator: (Man, some of those repos are truly “lived in.”)
  • Jeff Butler, inspector: (Thanks for letting me write a CR on the handheld—hopefully it didn’t come back in arbitration.)
  • Larry Jeffers, inspector: (You spend most of the day under the cars—thank you for tackling the frame inspections for us.)
  • Bill Arnold, arbitration: (I truly appreciate the challenges you face on a daily basis.)
  • Russ Jacobs, mechanic shop manager: (Now I have a better understanding of the effort it takes to get the vehicles through the shops and lined up for sale.)
  • John Davis, safety and security manager: (It all starts with check-in and inspections. Thanks for walking me through the kickoff of the process.)
  • Sally Westerhold, dealer registration: (Thanks for you showing me all the details that keep the dealers and their reps up-to-date and eligible to buy in the lanes.)
  • Mary Ann Saladino, office manager: (Thanks for letting me dig in a little for the Chrysler Factory sale and the night sale.)
  • Sonya Salter and Johnelle Farren, fleet/lease: (Thank you for coordinating everything with AutoIMS and the customers so we can have a successful sale.)

Although we didn’t get a chance to work together during the week, thanks to Cindy Kuhn for the last several years in Kansas City and good luck as the new general manager in Colorado Springs. Also a special thanks to Melissa Caddell, fleet lease manager, for heading up to Colorado Springs the week of my visit to help Cindy through a challenging time at the auction. I am truly grateful for the experience and the whole team at ADESA Kansas City.

Covering every detail of a post-sale inspection.













In the bay at ADESA Kansas City learning the ins and outs of a PSI.













Carefully inspecting the underbody of an auction vehicle.