Do you market your vehicles online? If you’re a seller and answered “no,” you may be missing out on customers.

The auto remarketing industry is changing, and it’s estimated that more than 30 percent of independent dealers now buy online—and the numbers continue to rise. Sellers must remain competitive by using technology to market vehicles.

Data shows that sellers who choose a professional condition report package—one that includes high-resolution photos, electronic condition reporting like AutoGrade and reconditioning services—reach more buyers and achieve greater success.

Many auctions—including ADESA—provide condition report packages. The results of buying a package speak for themselves, as vehicles sold with a condition report see a 37 percent decrease in arbitration cases.

Vehicle condition reports are a highly effective tool and a must to compete in today’s industry. When surveyed, buyers indicate vehicle report accessibility and transparency is at the top of their list for determining vehicles to purchase. Many buyers won’t search for vehicles without an AutoGrade attached.

Vehicle photos are just as vital. Buyers are three times more likely to buy vehicles when offered rich imagery with the ability to zoom, pan and alternate views. People don’t buy what they can’t see, so high-res photos directly impact conversion rates.

The way dealers buy cars has changed. Many dealers already know what vehicles they’re interested in when sale day arrives from searching online listings.

If you’re a seller and want to remain competitive, talk to your local auction representative about a package that works best for you. As a seller, take full advantage of these offerings and get your vehicles noticed.

Your bottom line will thank you.