At ADESA, we’re constantly working to make the physical auction experience safer and more efficient for our customers.

Reducing the risk for potential accidents is a priority for us, as the company that created Safe T. Sam—the most widely used safety standards training program in the auction industry.

That’s why I’m proud to announce the launch of VirtuaLane℠—a live, in-lane auction experience that leverages technology to create a safe, virtual marketplace for customers at our auction locations.

We’ve been able to create VirtuaLane sales through partnerships with major automotive brands such as American Honda Finance. VirtuaLane sales are built around the same bidding process as a traditional in-lane auction. However, instead of cars physically driving through the lanes, big-screen monitors showcase the vehicle and its features during bidding.

Just as with traditional ADESA auctions, dealer customers are able to access detailed condition reports, photos, valuation tools and transportation options for purchased vehicles. Before the bidding begins, customers can view the vehicle in-person while it’s parked in the auction lot.

VirtuaLane is now available at the following 20 ADESA locations:

  • ADESA Atlanta
  • ADESA Boston
  • ADESA Brasher’s
  • ADESA Charlotte
  • ADESA Cincinnati/Dayton
  • ADESA Concord
  • ADESA Dallas
  • ADESA Golden Gate
  • ADESA Kansas City
  • ADESA Las Vegas
  • ADESA Minneapolis
  • ADESA Montreal
  • ADESA Nashville
  • ADESA New Jersey
  • ADESA Northwest
  • ADESA Orlando
  • ADESA Sarasota
  • ADESA Syracuse
  • ADESA Vancouver
  • ADESA Washington D.C.

We’re excited to launch VirtuaLane at these 20 ADESA auctions. We plan to roll out this forward-looking technology to even more of our locations in the coming months. I hope you’ll join us at one of our VirtuaLane sales soon.