To thank our customers for their business and show our appreciation for their support year-round, we designated October as Dealer Appreciation Month.

Many of our auction locations hosted a variety of events and activities throughout the month to thank dealers for their business, including balloon drops, Halloween celebrations, hot apple cider and local charity fundraisers. Customers also enjoyed special giveaways in the lanes and exclusive sale days. We’ve shared photos from some of our auction location’s celebrations below.

We hope this celebration gave them a much-deserved break from their busy day and allowed them to enjoy the company of friends and colleagues.

ADESA Indianapolis auction marketing specialists, Linda McCallon and Erica Chaffin, welcome dealers with gifts.

ADESA Pittsburgh showers dealers with a ballon drop.

Dealers at ADESA Pittsburgh popping balloons for prizes at their Dealer Appreciation Month sale.

Dealers taking a timeout for some fun at ADESA San Diego's Dealer Appreciation Month Sale.

Post-sale fun with dealers at ADESA San Diego.

ADESA Des Moines' host of prizes at their Dealer Appreciation Month event.

ADESA Des Moines dealer customers on the quest for prizes and fun.