In my role at ADESA, I get to hear a lot of great stories. We have 67 auction locations throughout North America, and rarely does a week go by when I don’t hear about one of our auctions hosting a fundraiser or giving back to their local community.

I never imagined I would be celebrating my 7th year of working in the auto remarketing industry, but it really is a great company filled with generous people. This generosity has an even greater impact when we’re able to partner with fellow KAR Auction Services companies.

This month, it was fun to see team members from KAR, ADESA, AFC, IAA and PAR join forces to raise money for the American Diabetes Association at the Indiana Tour de Cure, an annual cycling fundraising event.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of employees, customers, business partners and friends, Team KAR surpassed their goal of raising $50,000. And, Team KAR was the largest local corporate donor of the Indiana Tour de Cure event and ranked as one of the top 10 donors nationwide.

Some of our KAR executivess went above and beyond to raise money for this great cause. Team Captain Warren Byrd rallied the troops and organized fundraisers at the corporate office. Jim Hallett and David Vignes took the top two fundraising slots for individual riders in Indiana. And, Jim ranked in the top five nationwide for fundraising by an individual donor. They said that when they approached people for donations, they were touched by how many people wanted to help. It seemed that everyone they asked had a story about diabetes or had someone close to them who had been affected by it.

At the end of the day, it was great to see Team KAR’s fundraising success for Tour de Cure. But more importantly, it was great that their success will help everyone who lives with diabetes every day.

Team KAR at the 2013 Tour de Cure in Indiana.

Team KAR after the Tour de Cure with Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard (fourth from right).