There are very few cars that have reached the iconic stature of Batman’s favored mode of transportation: the Batmobile. A combination of sleek design, raw power and fantasy technology, the Batmobile has entertained and awed generations of comic book readers, TV watchers and movie audiences.

Last month at the San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Brothers announced the release date of “The Batmobile”, a documentary chronicling the life of the famous vehicle. The feature interviews the minds behind the varying designs, the movie directors who made the visions a reality and the actors who have had the opportunity to pilot the legendary car.

Whether you’re a fan of Tim Burton’s version on a Corvette chassis or the new tank-like Tumbler from “Batman Begins” and the more recent films, this documentary will surely be fun to watch for both fans of the superhero and car enthusiasts.

You can view a teaser of the documentary below. The full movie is scheduled to be released later this year.