Super Bowl LIII is in the books, and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is officially the winningest quarterback in NFL history, with six championship titles.

While many of us at ADESA are big football fans, we’re car lovers first and foremost. Rather than comment on the great defense or punting displayed during the game, we judged the creativity, humor and resonance of the 2019 Super Bowl car commercials.

Here are a few of our favorite car commercials—in no particular order—from Super Bowl LIII:

Jeep | Crusher

The Jeep Gladiator was dropped from the lineup in 1971, but last year it was announced that the truck would be making return in 2020. To build the excitement, Jeep’s Super Bowl commercial featured an old Gladiator being sent to the junkyard car crusher, only for it to be transformed into the new and improved 2020 Gladiator.

Kia | Give It Everything

Kia, the Korean automaker once known for lighthearted, dancing hamster-filled commercials, showed its serious side during the 2019 Super Bowl. Their emotional spot, which promoted the 2020 Kia Telluride, featured West Point, Georgia—a small rural town whose economy was revitalized in 2010 with the addition of a new Kia factory.

In addition to the game-time commercial, Kia also released a mini documentary about the history of West Point and how the Kia factory changed it for the better. The automaker also introduced The Great Unknowns, their scholarship for eligible college or tech school students in need.

Mercedes-Benz | Say the Word

What if you could make something happen just by speaking it—such as finding a lost cat or making it rain money? Using this supernatural premise, Mercedes-Benz’s Super Bowl LIII commercial creatively promotes the natural voice recognition feature on their 2019 A-Class. The German automaker also partnered with rapper Ludacris to surprise kids at an Atlanta middle school with Super Bowl tickets.

Ram | Can’t Remember

Ram got real meta with their Super Bowl LIII commercial. The automaker’s spot shows two cowboys talking about the Super Bowl commercials of years past, packing in several nostalgic references until they realize they can’t remember which brand any of the commercials were for. Without saying a word, the ad ends with the camera panning out to reveal the new 2019 Ram 3500 truck.

Audi | Cashew

Audi’s Super Bowl LIII commercial starts out heartwarming and dramatic—a man reunites with his grandfather on the porch of his rural farmland estate, before being led to a garage housing an Audi e-tron GT concept car. The man gets in the driver’s seat, starts the engine and begins to drive away, until we realize the whole sequence was a dream brought on by . . . a cashew. You’ll have to watch the spot to see how the connection is made.

Hyundai | The Elevator

It wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without at least one star-studded car commercial, and Hyundai brought the goods in an ad promoting their Shopper Assurance program. The humorous spot features actor Jason Bateman running an elevator that takes riders to various unpleasant situations, like jury duty and a root canal. See what happens when Bateman lets a couple off on the “Car Shopping” floor.

Toyota | Wizard

Toyota had one of the most action-packed car commercials of the 2019 Super Bowl. Promoting the new Toyota Supra, the spot took viewers on a full-throttle ride through a pinball-like race track—all while The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” played appropriately in the background.

Watching the Super Bowl car commercials has always been my favorite part of the event, and I can’t wait to see what the automakers come up with for 2020.