At this year’s client advisory event, I made a departure from my usual presentation topic of used vehicle market trends to discuss something near and dear to me as a first generation Greek-American. With elections only a few days away, the world has been paying increased attention to the economic crisis in Greece.

By focusing my talk on the potential impact of Greece’s exit from the Euro, my goal was to provide insight and context in terms of this action’s ability to derail the U.S. economic recovery and the strength of new and used vehicle sales. I concluded that, though this is obviously an important topic to Greece and the European Union, the impact on the U.S. economy should be relatively small. I also added a personal touch by conveying the social cost to Greeks through vignettes from my relatives and my own proximity to the Greek consciousness.

For more insight into the economic crisis in Greece and what it means to U.S. vehicle sales, please view my presentation deck below.

CAB 2012 Presentation – Tom Kontos

Image courtesy of Aster-oid on Flickr.