After a recent trip, I found a handful of emails asking me to answer a few questions about my travel experiences—How was my hotel stay? How would I rate the rental car’s return process? Would I recommend this restaurant to friends and family?

Apparently, everyone wants my feedback. It’s a valuable commodity. It can be the source of insight on what to improve, what’s appreciated and who deserves acknowledgment. But only if a company listens to—and acts on—what its customers are saying.

At ADESA, we’re listening to our customers.

If you’ve ever received one of our customer survey links and wondered if your input would really mean anything to anyone, I’m here to tell you, it does.

Last year, ADESA began this customer survey process. Every month or so, activated by a dealer’s bid badge registration, a customer receives a link to a survey. There are fewer than 10 questions, but they offer us a glance into a customer’s experience at our auctions.

These survey results have been the source of meaningful recognition and helpful feedback. Through our surveys, customers are suggesting some changes, big and small—and we’re making them.

One customer anonymously suggested that we “fix up the restrooms” at one auction location, and, after some assessment, we agreed.

If a survey indicates that a customer had a problem at one of our auctions, we have a team of first responders—district dealer relations managers—ready to take action and provide resolution.

We’ve found this feedback to be really helpful. It gives us a different perspective and it helps us better understand our customers’ pain points. Then we can find a way to address those pain points and provide a solution.

Because we want to be the best remarketing solution for our customers, we ask about our customer’s experience. And we are listening to the answers.

What ways do you gather feedback from your customers? Please share in the comments section below.