One of the best ways to improve your dealership is by implementing customer suggestions. Often, your customers notice things about your business that you and your management team might miss. Many dealerships struggle with understanding the best way to ask for, and actually use, customer feedback. These are a few tried and true “best practices” for collecting and sharing this important information.

How to collect customer feedback

One great way to ask customers for their feedback is at the end of the sales process, by encouraging salespeople to ask. Sales associates have already cultivated a personal relationship with customers, after spending time with them to walk through the sales process and find the perfect vehicle. Therefore, they are one of the best people to continue that relationship by asking for feedback about the sales process. Sales associates can reach out via phone or email and send customers a website link where they can give their opinions.

The service department is another vital touchpoint with your customers. This is an excellent opportunity to ask customers how their visit went and what they thought about their service rep. Service department employees can hand a hard copy survey or even have a dedicated computer terminal where customers can fill out a survey while they wait for their vehicle. When customers pick up their vehicle, have service employees encourage them to send in feedback about their visit.

Most dealerships still hand every customer an invoice when they leave, whether it is for an entire new vehicle or one new part. It’s not often that you guarantee your customer will read a printed handout, so rethink the way you design your invoices. They can be a great way to ask for customer feedback: include your Facebook page address or a website where customers can fill out a quick survey.

How to share customer feedback

Use customer testimonials in print marketing materials, such as pamphlets or flyers. Even one line about how “ABC Dealership had the best customer service I’d ever experienced” can often sway a customer to visit your dealership over another. Customers enjoy seeing feedback and are often more likely to trust a recommendation from another customer over generic marketing copy.

Social media has become one of the main ways that customers air grievances and share positive experiences about brands. As mentioned above, Facebook business pages have a “Reviews” function so your customers can share their great experience at your dealership. You can also encourage customers to “Like” your Facebook page, “Check in” while they are there and “Share” their review or experience at your dealership.

Your dealership’s website is one of the best and most cost-efficient marketing materials available. Websites can be relatively easy to update and offer unlimited possibilities for sharing customer feedback. Consider adding a customer survey page on your website and highlight customer testimonials on Web pages as well.

How do you collect and share customer feedback?