This is a guest post by James Tani, executive vice president and co-founder at TradeRev. Like ADESA, TradeRev is part of the KAR Auction Services group of companies.

In just five years, TradeRev—a digital platform that facilitates live, dealer-to-dealer vehicle auctions in the United States and Canada—has grown at a rapid pace.

To keep up with the growth, we’ve made it our main priority to continually listen to our customers, figure out their pain points and develop ways to improve the dealer experience. This includes everything from arbitrations to condition reports to logistics and transportation.

For example, in Canada, 40 percent of TradeRev transactions happen within 75 miles of an ADESA auction. Working in partnership with ADESA and the incredible on-the-ground transportation options they offer, we can get those cars delivered to dealers by the next day. In the U.S., technologies like CarsArrive Network allow us to bring customers their vehicles even sooner.

At NADA 2018, we launched H—a suite of artificial intelligence capabilities designed to make the dealer experience even better. Our industry has an insatiable appetite to do things faster, with clearer images and more accurately, and we’re thrilled to introduce this advanced auction AI technology to help satisfy those desires.

Learn more about TradeRev, how we’re working with ADESA to revolutionize the dealer auction experience and our innovative H technology in my Auto Remarketing Podcast discussion with Joe Overby—recorded during the 2018 Auto Remarketing Canada Conference.