One of the most frequently asked questions we’ve heard from customers over the past few months has been, “Where can I quickly find quality, off-lease vehicles for my dealership?” Luckily, our Dealer Sales and Services team has a great answer: 

“ADESA’s DealerBlock provides car dealers quick and easy access to high-quality, off-lease vehicles. In fact, DealerBlock offers more than 10,000 CPO-eligible inventory from national consigners each and every week.”

As a company, we’re committed to developing new and more efficient ways for our customers to access, review and purchase the inventory that matters to them the most. As a result, offering one-owner, CPO-eligible inventory from national consignors at virtually every sale has been a key priority for our business.

Our goal has always been to improve and enhance the ability of our customers to find inventory that represents one of their most important revenue streams. With ADESA DealerBlock, we accomplish that objective. It’s a win-win for both teams.

If you have questions about ADESA DealerBlock or our off-lease inventory, please contact ADESA Customer Connection at 888-526-7326 or email