McLaren F1. Porsche Carrera GT. Ferrari F40 and Ferrari F50. Noble M600. Pagani Zonda F. Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV. The magnificent seven, indeed.

People send me a lot of great car videos. Most times, I don’t make it to the end of the clip. I watched this video by evo TV three times in a row.

The narrator explains, “These are proper, old-school super cars, cars that don’t tell you how you should drive. It’s up to you.”

Forget anti-lock brakes. Forget stability control. A lot of new sportscars are hybrids or automatics. Not these. There is only one brain in these cars—the driver’s. Man and machine mixed with sheer nerve and driver skill.

You aren’t just sitting behind the wheel. They demand you engage your core muscles, your arm and leg muscles, to maneuver them down the road.

These cars—and this video—don’t need dramatic background music to build suspense. The roar of the engines alone is enough to force goose bumps upon even the most stoic car guy’s arms. And the writing is superb, with standout lines like, “…in its day, it had the ability to jelly a school boy’s knees like a red, Baywatch swimsuit.”

I also really enjoyed watching the driver. His bliss is obvious—he even breaks out in spontaneous chuckles a few times during the video from the sheer joy.

It was fun to watch and remember that sometimes old school can be cool. And the winners are…I won’t spoil it for you. Watch and see. I promise you won’t be able to look away.

Photo credit: evo