Last year, the ADESA team was treated to an opportunity to drive high-performance cars at a Ride and Drive event here at our office. Taking a powerful Dodge Challenger SRT8 for a spin at the event is one of my favorite driving memories to this day. Sitting in the driver seat and gripping the steering wheel, I felt the rumbling power from the engine permeate straight through to my core. And once I got it out on the streets, it was amazing to see firsthand what this car can really do.

When I came across this SRT video, I flashed back to that moment behind that wheel. I love fast cars and have had a passion for racing my whole life, so this video resonates with me. It’s clear that SRT isn’t just about racing supercars like the SRT Viper GTS-R. The SRT brand infuses their passion for high-quality performance engineering into the consumer street driving lifestyle. You can see how the spirit of the SRT community thrives though a shared passion for a high-performance power and quality, on the racetrack and in the streets. Enjoy!

Cover photo image courtesy of SRT and Chrysler Group LLC