As a used car dealer, you have to think like a dealer—but you also have to think like a customer. You need to know what kinds of cars consumers want, so you can quickly satisfy demand and provide an exceptional experience.

How do consumers decide what kind of vehicle they want to buy? You can bet they start by reading and researching online. According to Google, a whopping 95 percent of vehicle buyers use digital as a source of information. But they don’t start on your dealership website to see what you have available. First, they want to see what the experts recommend.

So, if you’re a consumer wondering what used vehicles are the best ones to buy now, what recommendations are you getting?

To answer that question, you can search online, just like a car buyer would. Just open your favorite search engine and type in some variation of “used car recommendations” or “best used cars to buy now.”

That helpful little search box will offer more specialized search options as you type, like “best used cars for under $15,000” or “best used cars for teenage drivers.”

Other consumers might pick an expert source first—for example, they might choose Consumer Reports, or Edmunds, and go to that source’s website to conduct their search.

We took a look recently to see what used car options the experts are recommending to consumers. Here are some of the insights they are sharing with the same potential buyers who are scouting the options you have on your lot right now.

Consumer Reports has a run-down of “smart picks among 3-year-old models.” The article describes three-year-old cars as the “Goldilocks of the used-auto market.” It promises “a steady stream of low-mileage, high-quality models for shoppers to choose from,” because of the number of three-year leases that are written every year. Options are ranked by scores that focus on reliability and owner satisfaction ratings.

Edmunds has compiled a list of the best used cars for college students. Rankings are based on strong value, utility, fuel efficiency, performance and advanced safety features.

CARMAX has a collection of lists, offering recommendations by price (starting at Under $10,000) or by type—model classes like AWD, Hybrid SUVs, or Midsize Sedans, but also categories like Car-Seat-Friendly and For Teens.

Searches like these are an easy way to stay in the loop with what potential buyers are reading as they narrow down their search for the right used car. It’s well worth the time to go through this exercise a few times a year, even quarterly.

In just 15-20 minutes, you can gain a ton of insight into what vehicles would attract more buyers to your lot, if you had them in stock and listed on your dealership’s website.

Remember: Keep up with what the experts are recommending as best buys in the used car market. Think like a buyer to sell more cars.